Hello, hello, is this thing on? It’s been awhile since we last posted here on the Sparkle Clean blog (don’t go look! You did didn’t you…) and we are going to start our renewed blogging efforts taking a look at the services we offer! This time that means talking about commercial cleaning services, what they entail, how we provide the service and more!

Commercial Cleaning Services

Whether it is a 15 person office or a 40 person warehouse, businesses need to practice safe hygiene practices. OSHA, of course, is known for policing unsafe work environments, and a filthy or unclean commercial space can quickly become a safety concern! But even without that potential, no one likes working in a mess. And unless a business wants to train all their employees on the proper procedures and codes to maintain a safe and sanitary environment, hiring a professional commercial cleaning service is the best option.

That’s why commercial cleaning services are one of Sparkle Clean’s core offerings and we provide it with expert care and professionalism. But what goes into commercial cleaning?  To be truthful, it’s a lot of the same hard work that goes into cleaning your own home, just on a much larger scale and to higher standards than one might clean their own home (Sparkle Clean, of course, adheres to quality across the board).

Commercial cleaners can provide standard janitorial services as well as more in depth work such as stripping and waxing floors, power washing, window washing (both interior and exterior)… the list goes on! All of these services are similar to cleaning processes for homes just done on the macro scale, with the best cleaners and products that stand up to the rigors of commercial cleaning. 

A standard commercial cleaning might look something like this. Each day, at the assigned time (often after traditional work hours for the business) the Sparkle Clean crew will arrive and take care of tasks such as:


  • Removes trash, recycling
  • Vacuum
  • Wipe and clean desks, counter tops
  • Restocks bathroom/kitchen supplies


  • Wipe down and clean windows inside

Monthly/As Needed

  • Window cleaning (outsides)
  • Carpet cleaning

We say ‘might’ because no two jobs are the same. The work we provide is second to none and part of that is because we provide custom commercial cleaning programs for each and every building/office. Every business has different needs, even two similar companies in size and purpose will have different employees necessitating a unique approach.

Who Needs Commercial Cleaning?

So, who needs commercial cleaning services? Well, everyone! For some they may have the benefit of being in a building that has a management crew that takes care of it, but no matter the business, from barber to factory, a crew of commercial-grade cleaners is necessary to keep everyone healthy, productive, and happy!

Our clients run the range from hi-tech industries, auto dealerships, hotels, apartments, schools, manufacturers, and more. Who needs commercial cleaning? Any commercial entity that employs human beings, or have customers coming in and out! People are messy. That’s where we come in.

Why is Sparkle Clean the Commercial Cleaners?

We have a proven record of superior service in the industry and exceptional pricing. Our crew are all highly qualified with the best, most up to date techniques. That’s right, cleaning procedures are constantly evolving! As better products and green cleaning practices are developed, we implement them to ensure all of our cleaning is as eco-friendly as possible. No job is too small or too large for us to tackle. Small offices, multi-story building, you name it – we clean it!

We are so certain of our capabilities that we won’t leave the job until the customer is 100% satisfied with the job performed. We take pride in our work, and with a clean building/office/school you can take pride in yours too!

If you need commercial cleaning services and are ready to see how Sparkle Clean can help, give us a call or drop as an email at the form below and we can get to work!

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